Police nab suspected robber shot in his Backside

by Lawyer Wanz
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At the Coast General Hospital, police raided the hospital and apprehended a suspected robber who had a gunshot lodged in his buttock.

Ibrahim Wandera Ali, 41, was among the goons that attacked the house of Mombasa-based businessman Rashid Akram Mohamed in the Ganjoni neighbourhood before to the shooting.


In a police report seen by this reporter, the businessman told police officers at the Mombasa Central Police Station that he was in the house when he heard a commotion from upstairs where his father stays prompting him to react. He said he pulled the trigger in self-defence before they ran away.

“On checking well, he saw people wearing face masks and when he challenged them to identify themselves they started moving towards the corridor,” the report read in part.

The businessman stayed put and one of them drew a pistol. He (Akram) sensed danger and shot at them immediately. One of the thugs was hit but managed to escape with the help of his colleagues in a Tuktuk.

Police officers and sleuths at Mombasa Central Police Station decided to withdraw the firearm from the businessman and it was kept as an exhibit at the station.

Later, top cops attached to the station visited the scene where the shooting took place and took photographs before processing it.

A manhunt for the gang was launched and the victim was found at Coast General Hospital where he had undergone the first operation from which doctors had removed a bullet from his chest. Officers took the bullet which they also kept as an exhibit.

However, by the time of going to press, another bullet that is lodged in his buttock was yet to be removed.

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