Police Nab Suspected Stolen Meat While on Patrol.

by Lawyer Wanz

The officers attached to Kasagam Police Station Kisumu-Ahero highway recovered a lump of suspected stolen meat while on patrol near Nyamasaira shopping center.

Confirming the incident, Kisumu County Police Commander Samuel Anampiu said his officers spotted three motorcycles from Ahero heading towards Kisumu Town and stopped the motorists but they could not heed the directive.

The officers decided to give them a chase and managed to get hold of two motorcycles of REG. NO. KMEV 203L AND KMEP 141Y whose riders fled away after abandoning the motorcycle.

“Upon search, it was realized that the consignment was fresh circuses of an animal suspect to be a cow which has neither veterinary officer’s inspection stamp nor having been skinned,” he said.

The meat was packed in two gunny sacks.

The recovered meat and motorcycles were taken to Kasagam police station pending further investigations.

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