Politician Risks Losing Sh600M Property After Court Setback

by Lawyer Alex

A Nairobi businesswoman and politician risks losing a Ksh600 million Karen property after suffering a setback in court.

A report by Mahakamani News on Monday, October 12, indicated that Agnes Kagure lost her bid to have three witnesses in the case stopped from testifying virtually.

Nairobi businesswoman and politician Agnes Kagure.

Kagure was looking to have the three, Michael Fairfax, Sean Battye and Richard Brooks, who are based in the UK, travel to Kenya to give their testimonies in the case.

Kagure who once eyed Nairobi County Deputy Governor position is embroiled in a property case against Roger Bryan Robson’s lawyer Guy Spencer Elms over the property she claims was sold to her.

Robson, who passed away in 2012, left behind a parcel of land measuring six acres and other properties that have been under contention between the two.

Elms was listed as the estate administrator.

High Court judge John Onyiego maintained that the three witnesses would be permitted to give their testimonies virtually while in UK.

“This court shall take the evidence of Michael Fairfax Robson, Sean Battye and Richard Brooks through video conferencing.

“The parties shall agree by consent on the proper venue in the UK from which the witnesses shall testify,” ruled Onyiengo.

Evidence presented in court showed that the deceased had wanted the property to be gifted to Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), Kenya Forest Service and an education charity.

Kagure, on the other hand, argued that she had purchased the property from the deceased a year before his passing.

“The British High Commission has indicated that it will facilitate the video conferencing should need arise,”  Elms confirmed to the court.

Kagure has previously revealed that she started out as a house help in Nairobi before working her way up to becoming a big name in the Insurance industry.

She made most of her fortune in the Insurance sector and was voted the best insurance salesperson for three years in a row by the Association of Kenya Insurers.

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