President Uhuru Kenyatta Wants Court To Dismiss Omtata’s Case Against His Victory

by Mahakamani News

President Uhuru Kenyatta has added his voice seeking the dismissal of activist Okiya Omtata’s case challenging his win.

President Kenyatta says that Mr Omtata filed the case even before he was declared a president elect.

He also claims that Raila Odinga did not withdraw from the fresh presidential election as stipulated in the constitution and that any alleged withdrawal was therefore of no legal effect.

“The petitioner cannot claim a legitimate expectation on behalf of Raila Odinga. In any event there was no legitimate expectation on the part of Raila Odinga and that his withdrawal from the fresh election would lead to fresh nominations,” President Kenyatta says.

Activist Okiya Omtatta 

He says that the petitioner has failed to produce any evidence to support the allegations that the fresh election was not held in accordance with the constitution.

“The petition is a misuse of the vehicle of public interest litigation and an abuse of court process,” the president says.

Through lawyer Fred Ngatia, Uhuru says that Omtata seeks to advance NASA’s political agenda.

SC Ngatia says that IEBC was well prepared to conduct the election that was scheduled October 26 2017.

“That in any event, IEBC chairman issued a statement following the resignation of Roselyn Akombe in effect criticizing the position she had taken regarding the IEBC preparedness to undertake and or conduct the fresh presidential election,” he says.

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