Reactions: Omanyala killed while pursuing his wife at their neighbour’s compound

by Lawyer Wanz

In Kakemer, Busia county, a man was killed while pursuing his wife at their neighbour’s compound.

According to the DCI, Fabian Omanyala was slain by the aforementioned neighbour, Robert Amukule, when his wife rushed to him for help.

It is said that before the incident, they were involved in a domestic tiff which quickly escalated and Fabian’s wife ran to their neighbour’s homestead but he still followed her.

wife man killed

What started as a domestic squabble quickly degenerated into a torrent of blows and kicks from Fabian Omanyala, as he assaulted his 53-year-old wife at their home in Kakemer location, Busia county,” part of the statement by the DCI read.

The neighbour quickly came to her rescue where he is alleged to have launched a projectile from a catapult that hit Omanyala on his forehead leaving him dead on the spot.

Amukule, who had heard the ensuing commotion quickly came to the aid of the woman by launching a projectile from a catapult, that killed Omanyala on the spot,” the post further read.

Efforts to save Omanyala’s life were futile as he was pronounced dead on arrival at a nearby health facility.

Amukule immediately took off and remains at large as officers launch a manhunt.

Reactions from Kenyans on Facebook

Vincent Mong’are  : How does one even beat a 53year old woman?

James Mbotela : Omanyala Trespassed To Amukule’s Residence, He Felt Threatened And He Acted In Self Defence,It’s Unfortunate Omanyala Died..Amukule Should Just Surrender Himself To The Cops,…Ikiwa Noma Sana,Maybe Manslaughter Will Be The Charge,But With A Good defense attorney he can walk Scot free

Dunya Riek Ali : Justifiable homicide(we have self defense and defense for others. There is a level of responsibility bestowed on us by the law to perform that role)For those who understand Affirmative defense in criminal law. Attendant circumstance which is a great determinant in such incidents, supports Omukule’s action

Allan Wafulah :Without prejudice to the foregoing case, the Amukule- Omanyala case of 2022 presents a case study to be referenced by the litigants in years to come in Murder Vs Manslaughter legal discourse.Thank you my lords.

Macharia Peter: Amukule once charged can defend his action as coming in defence of the wife but the proportionality of force being lethal was not in his control once the stone left the catapult.

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