Residents protest increasing Suicide and murder cases

by Lawyer Wanz

Police and residents of Nyamira are concerned about the spike in suicides, sudden deaths and murders over the last few weeks.

Last Wednesday, a widow, 80, jumped into a 50-feet well and drowned.

Nyabisimba assistant chief Areba Nseka said the motive has not been established, but police are investigating the possible cause of the suicide.

woman murder cases suicide

Last Thursday, a 21-year -old man committed suicide by hanging himself using a sisal rope in his house at Nyabite market in Nyamira town.

The motive has not yet been established.

According to the police report, Peter Kamanda’s body had sigs of strangulation around his neck, which means he would have been strangled first before his body was brought to the scene. 

“The body which had no physical injuries had signs of strangulation on the neck and the tongue was sticking out. It is suspected that he was strangled and the body moved to the scene,” the report read.

Also, a body of a woman, 26, was found along a murram road at Rateti shopping centre with no physical injuries.

It is said the woman had gone to look for casual work 200 meters from her home only for her body to be found along the road the following morning.

The deceased’s body was moved to Nyamira County Referral Hospital mortuary awaiting autopsy.

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