Robbery with Violence Suspect nabbed

by Lawyer Wanz

A robbery with violence suspect is currently in custody at Kitale police station after he was arrested by police officers on patrol following a robbery incident.


Dan Muiruri, 27, who was dressed in a police smoke jacket was in a group of five men who had attacked a man walking home last night and robbed him of his mobile phone and other valuables.

The victim of crime reported the incident to police officers on patrol who immediately launched a manhunt for the suspect. An hour later, the suspect who was dressed in police fatigues was arrested and the victim’s mobile phone recovered. Also recovered were a kitchen knife and 17 rolls of weed.

The suspect is in custody pending arraignment for robbery with violence charges.

Comments from Kenyans on Facebook

Rurizs Rurizs These nuisances shouldn’t be entertained thugs have been giving residents hard and difficult times, police should deal with these gangs accordingly.

AlQuz Sunapol Huyo mwizi ni wa church he waited till the police at patrol came and arrest him thank them very much u will be eating free food

Onyango Makogango I don’t miss that ridiculous humour ladden style of writing serious police reports. Even issues as serious as murder, simply reckless and childish

Dennoh Msafi We need such reports from Nairobi cases here are too much…we need manhunt for various criminals who are robbing people in every now and then…

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