Safaricom Ordered To Pay 2 Former Employees Sh7.2M For Wrongful Dismissal

by Lawyer Alex
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The Employment and Labour Relations Court has ordered Safaricom to pay two former senior managers, Sh7.2 million, for wrongful dismissal.

Justice James Rika said in his ruling that the termination of Charles Muema Munuve and Mary Rono was not based on valid reasons and was considered unfair.

The judge ordered Safaricom to pay Munuve Sh2.98 million and Rono Sh4.22 million, equivalent to eight and seven months gross salary, respectively, in compensation for unfair termination.

Munuve and Rono, who were area sales managers in North Coast and Rift Valley, respectively, were both summarily dismissed on June 28, 2018.

At the time of the sacking, Munuve was said to be earning Sh 331,000 while her counterpart had been promoted to a senior manager of retail operations with a gross package of Sh 528,000 at the time of their dismissal.

The two were both dismissed on similar grounds: that they failed to adhere to the requirements of ensuring proper distribution, accounting, activation, and monitoring of telecommunication devices. They were also accused of failing to ensure that the company’s assets were used for intended purposes, which resulted in the devices being used by competition networks.

Denied allegations

Safaricom said the managers failed to offer a satisfactory explanation and were therefore taken through disciplinary processes and found guilty. Justice Rika said they had worked for 15 and 13 years, respectively, and both had exemplary records with the company.

In March 2020, the Employment and Labour Relations Court awarded ex-Safaricom employee KSh 14.6m for unfair sacking ordering her to be given KSh 46.2m bonuses.

In her ruling Justice Maureen Onyango ordered the telecommunication giant Safaricom to pay its former employee KSh 14.6 million for wrongful sacking following a suit filed by the company’s former Customer Care Director, Pauline Wangeci Warui.

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