Samburu Governor Pleads With High Court To Reduce His Sh 100 Million Bond

by Mahakamani News
Samburu Governor Moses Kasaine Lenolkulal

Samburu Governor Moses Kasaine Lenolkulal has filed an application at the High Court seeking to review hefty bond terms granted by the a lower court.

In his certificate of urgency filed yesterday evening before High Court Anti-Corruption court, he urged the court to review a bond of Sh 150 million or cash of Sh 100 million saying the same are unreasonable bond terms imposed to him by the chief magistrate Douglas Ogoti.

The governor who spent the night in prison after failing to raise the bond terms through lawyer Paul Nyamondi says that he is aggrieved by the said bond terms which are completely outrageous and unprecedented.

“It goes against the bail and bond policy , especially that bond amount not to be excessive and should not be greater than necessary to guarantee that the accused persons will appear in court,” said the Governor.

The Governor was released on a cash bail of 100 million and option of 150 million bond after he denied several charges of corruption of loss of millions of shillings at his county government.

The magistrate impose the stiff bond terms on the governor after concurreed with the prosecution that the charges he faces are very serious.

He was also barred from accessing the office during the pendency of the trial notwithstanding the provisions of section 62(6) of ACECA.

The court further directed the director of IFMIS to suspend access rights to the 13 accused persons onto the IFMIS platform.

The governor faces charges of conspiracy to commit economic crimes and conflict of interest. However his 13 co-accused persons has since not pleaded to the charges as they are yet to be apprehended.

In the case Lenolkulal is charged alongside his Deputy governor Julius Lawrence Leseeto, county secretary Stephen Siringa Letinina, Chief County Secretary Danuel Nakuo Lenolkirina, Josephine Naamo Lenasalia, Reuben Marumben Lemunyete. Linus Milton Lenolngenje, Paul Lolmingani, Benard Ltarasi Lesurmat, Lililian Balanga , Andrew Ropilo Lanyasunya, David England Loosenge and Geofrey Barun Kitewan.

The charges against them states that between March 27 ,2013 and March 25,2019 at Maralal town within Samburu County being Governor of Samburu county conspired to commit an offence of corruption namely abuse of office leading to unlawful payment of Kshs. 84,695,996,55 to Moses Kasaine Lenolkulal oryx service station.

The Governor who was arrested on Tuesday Morning is alone accused that between March 27,2013 and March 25,2019 at Samburu County being the government County being an agent at the samburu county government as the Governor and being the sole proprietor of ORYX Service Station , he knowingly acquired a direct private interest in contracts between Oryx Service Station and Samburu County Government for supply of fuel.

Lenolkulal and Hesbon Jack Wachira Ndathi are accused that between March 27,2013 and March 25,2019 within Samburu county being the Governor od Samburu County and Private person , they unlawfully acquired public property worth Kshs. 84, 695,996.55 for the supply of fuel to Samburu County Government through Oryx Service Station.

His arrest and arraignment in court on Tuesday followed after the DPP recommended his prosecution together with his 13 co-accused persons after being satisfied that there is enough evidence to prove the charges against them.

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