School principal Jane Muthoni, co-accused get 30 years in prison for murder

by Wakili Liam
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HIGH COURT sentences Jane Muthoni (right) and co-accused Isaac Ng’ang’a to 30 years in prison for murder of Kiru Boys principal Solomon Mbuthi.

Jane Muthini, the former Icaciri Girls Secondary School Principal has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for murdering her husband Solomon Mwangi in 2016.

Muthoni and her co-accused Issac Njoroge will serve the same jail term, with the former’s sentencing beginning from November 22, 2016 and that of the latter beginning December 28, 2016

Justice Joel Ngugi, while making the ruling, acknowledged that the two were both first-time offenders and that Muthoni has young children who consider her the sole breadwinner.

Justice Ngugi however said the killing was premeditated as evidence presented in the case had shown that there was intent and several attempts to commit the crime.

“Both accused persons had opportunities to walk back but they chose the path of death, I have come to the conclusion that custodial sentence of 30 years imprisonment of the two,” ruled the judge.

The two were found guilty of killing Mr. Mwangi on May 18, 2021.

Mr. Mwangi, a former Principal of Kiru Boys High school, was found murdered at a coffee estate in Karakuta, Murang’a County on November 11, 2016, five days after he was reported missing.

The body of the deceased was discovered with his hands tied, face badly bruised and some of his teeth were missing.

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