Senator Linturi pleads not guilty in court over rape

by Lawyer Wanz

At 3 am Mayani villas hotel in Nanyuki, Senator Linturi intentionally attempted to rape a 36year old woman. The woman had accused the Senator of slipping into her hotel bed and attempting to rape her.

He also faces another accusation that on the same date he committed an indecent act by intentionally touching the woman’s breast and private parts without her consent.

After denying the charges, the state through Evelyne Onunga did not object to Senator Linturi’s release on bond but urged the court to grant him bail on conditions he should not interfere with witnesses either directly or indirectly through his proxies.

Senator Linturi’s defense team led by lawyer Mothomi Thiankolu urged the court to release the Senator on reasonable bail terms.

The magistrate granted Linturi’s plea and ordered him to deposit a Ksh 500,000 bond or a bail of Ksh200,000.

The case will be mentioned on October 26, 2021. His arraignment comes after he failed to stop his prosecution at the High Court late last month.

Separately, the politician is also involved in a battle over the property with Maryanne Kaitany, her ex-lover. He has also been accused of forging his academic documents.

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