SES Advocates releases statement after Steve Ogolla revealed his exit from the firm

by Wakili Liam
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From left to right: Lawyers Evans Lagat, Silas Jakakimba and Steve Ogolla

A few minutes after Lawyer Steve Ogolla revealed that he has left SES Advocates LLP, his former colleague Silas Jakakimba posted a screenshot from Law Society of Kenya showing the updated partners of the firm.

“Whereas one of the founding Partners, Steve Ogolla, Advocate, moved on in October 2020 to pursue other interests, the Firm has experienced measurable and exponential growth in both its practice of law and, delivery of legal services fronts – including but not limited to embracing modern technologies to scale on the quality of its service delivery to clients”, the statement said in part.

Steve Ogolla this morning revealed that the law firm that was formed in May, collapsed in August and that he formally exited it in October 2020.

“Clarification: Steve Ogolla Advocates merged with another Firm to found Silas, Evans & Stevens Advocates LLP on May 4, 2020. However, I exited the Partnership on August 12, 2020 and left formally on October 12, 2020 to found Saroni & Stevens Advocates, and to practice as such”, Ogolla wrote on Twitter.

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The firm replaced Ogolla with a lady advocate named Lilian Kabaya.

“In addition, the Firm has continued to expand by tapping into the expertise of three more highly competent attorneys (Nairobi and Oxford-based), and is profoundly pleased to announce the recent admission of Lilian Kabaya, Advocate, into its Partnership. Lilian brings her wealth of practice experience to the Firm with an added mandate to drive Service and Standards Delivery Unit”, it said.

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