Social activist Jerotich Seii risks 6 months in jail

by Wakili Liam
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Jerotich Seii, SwitchOffKPLC founding member.

Energy Justice activist Ms Jerotich Seii has been sued by lawyer Apollo Mboya for contempt of court.

‘THAT summons be issued against the 2nd Defendant/Respondent to appear before court on a date to be determined to show cause why she should not be committed to civil jail for such term as the court may deem just or penalized for contempt of court,’ a civil suit E137 filed by Apollo Mboya said in part.

Mboya wants Seii jailed for six months for contempt of court., according to documents seen by Mahakamani News.

‘THAT the 2nd Defendant/Respondent be cited for contempt of court and be committed to civil jail for a term of six(6) months or penalized on such terms as the Honourable Court may determine for deliberately defying the orders of this Honourable Court issued on 19. October 2020 as extended from time to time and for commenting on the proceedings before the court’.

Lawyer Apollo Mboya

Once friends

Ms Jerotich Seii and Apollo Mboya were once friends fighting for energy justice through the #SwitchOffKPLC banner that started in 2019.

Towards the end of the year and with numerous alleged incidents of threats to their lives. The former Law Society of Kenya (LSK) CEO opted to enter an out of court settlement with Kenya Power & Lighting Company Limited (KPLC).

Recently, through a tweet, Ms Seii, accused Mboya of taking a lot of money from the accused (KPLC).

“WaKenya: we raised this alarm loudly be because had our Notice of Appeal not been filed, Apollo Mboya would have gone ahead to obtain his fee. At our expense. Those monies are mingi sana. A balance from Usaliti Part 1 perhaps? Tumekataa. Justice will be ours. #SwitchOffKPLC,” Ms. Seii wrote.

Jerotich Seii shared this picture under the above mentioned tweet

Mboya argues that the tweets are ‘defamatory to Plaintiff/Applicant and are in contempt of the court in so far as they impugn on the proceedings before the court’.

He told the court that the widow will continue to act in contempt of court if not stopped and defaming him.

Mboya is represented by Apollo Mboya & Co. Advocates.

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