Sonko Wants Court To Dismiss Enforcement Notice Issued On Whitehorse Investment Company

by Mahakamani News

Nairobi County government has made an application to court to set aside  orders barring the  enforcement notice issued to the  directors of Whitehorse Investment company limited.

Through lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui, the county government says the order issued on  6th March 2018  are illegal and unlawful as the  applicant company had not exhausted internal dispute mechanisms.

“The court did not have jurisdiction to entertain the  application by the applicant and no orders by ought to have been issued,” said Kinyanjui.

In addition, he says that the order by Justice Bernard Eboso should  be set aside and the all proceedings filed by the  company be  struck out.It is further the court was not  given proper particulars of the suit land in which it issued the conservatory order.

“The enforcement notice  sent to the applicant by the County Government talked  of LR  Nairobi /Block 91/239 and not  293 in which the orders were issued,” the lawyer added.

The said orders has  stopped the implementation of enforcement notice dated  December 2017 in respect of suit property located in Gigiri area, Nairobi County.

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