State Produces Suspect Linked To Ex Garissa Staff Attempted Murder

by Mahakamani News
Mohammed Hussein Aden before court

The Government has produced one of the suspects linked to the attempted murder of former Garissa Finance Executive Idris Muktar .

Mohammed Hussein Aden appeared in court on Tuesday, covering his face so that no one would get a photo of him.

His family filed an application seeking to have him brought to court on claims that he had been tortured after arrest and needs medical attention.

In an affidavit, Aden further claims that he was treated in an “inhuman, degrading and cruel manner” in a bid to make him sign confessions regarding the alleged attempted murder.

Deputy Registrar Faith Muguongo directed that Aden be taken to Kenyatta National Hospital and appear for inter party hearing on September 6.

His lawyer Cliff Ombeta also faulted the prosecution after they were given 15 days to conclude investigations yet the suspects were not represented.

Last week, David Mwai Wanjiku — a key suspect in the shooting– died under unclear circumstances inside a cell at Parklands Police Station.

An autopsy report later revealed that he did of asphyxiation as a result of hanging, lending credence to the police report that claimed the same.

Despite the claims and pathologist report that Mwai committed suicide, the family is adamant that he was murdered and have demanded thorough investigations.

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