Bobi Wine Lists 26 grounds to Invalidate Museveni’s Presidency

by Lawyer Wanz
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Vocal musician in Uganda Bobi Wine has filed a petition challenging President Museveni’s win.

In his petition to the Supreme Court, the musician turned politician has listed twenty-six grounds to nullify president Yoweri Museveni’s Presidential victory.

Claims against EC (11)

– Disenfranchised voters by not ensuring all citizens eligible to vote were registered

– Failed to produce accurate voters’ register and conduct voter education

– Arbitrarily decided election roadmap, mode of campaign and guidelines

– Failed to ensure secure conditions for election

– Instituted selectively-applied arbitrary guidelines

-Arbitrarily banned campaigns in 16 districts

-Failed to prevent/stop ballot stuffing and multiple voting

– Non-transparent tabulation, transmission and declaration of results

-Commission was under control and direction of candidate Museveni, state agents

-Failed to guarantee petitioner’s security and ensure his consultations happened uninterrupted

– Failed in effective distribution of voting materials

Claims against Museveni (6)

– Has history of election violence, scared voters by declaring self “master of violence”

– Superintended or condoned election crimes by armed forces

– Holds command responsibility for security brutalisation of petitioner and agents

– Made reckless and derogatory comments about petitioner, which discouraged voters

– Museveni and agents offered bribes to voters

-Authorised or condoned security to deface, remove or replace Bobi posters with his.

Claims against Attorney-General (9)

– Non-amendment of laws as directed by Supreme Court to ensure free, credible poll

– Police and soldiers blocked petitioner’s prospective consultations about candidature

– Internet, Mobile Money switch-off impaired facilitation of campaign agents on voting day

– Security forces arrested and brutalised petitioner on nomination day

– UPDF and police interfered with petitioner’s rallies to candidate Museveni advantage

– Armed forces disrupted petitioner’s manifesto launch in Mbarara and Kamwokya in Kampala

– Soldiers and police seized campaign materials of petitioner and arrested his agents

– Blanket security deployments stirred terror, discouraged voters from voting

– Security and resident district commissioners acted as Museveni agents, coerced voters to cast ballot for him

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