Suspects Accused Of Selling KQ Property Released On Sh 300,000 Cash Bail

by Mahakamani News

A Nairobi Court has deffered plea taking for eight people accused of selling property belonging to Kenya Airways at over half a billion shillings.

They were released on a cash bail of 300,000 and a bond of 2 million pending plea taking.

“I order the accused to be released on a bond of Sh 2 million or a cash bail of Sh 300,000 and direct the prosecution to present an amended charge sheet on June 21,”ordered Mutuku.

The magistrate issued warrant of arrest against their other accused persons Deeraj Vaghela Baghel,Dutta Binay Kumar, Grace Wamuyu Mathenge, Jane Wanjiru Kiboi and Elias Kyalo Ngao  for failing to appear in court for plea taking.

Prosecution was further ordered to verify a high court order that was presented in court by one of the accused persons namely  Hassan Ahmed Haffidh stopping the DPP from prosecuting him over the same matter.

The eight former employees of Kenya Airways and bank officials are charged with conspiracy to steal over 521 million shillings property of Kenya Airways

According to the charge sheet , Hassan Ahmed Haffidh, Elijah Itegi Githinji, Deeraj Vaghela Baghel, Dutta Binay Kumar, Grace Wamuyu Mathenge, Jane Wanjiru Kiboi, Jackson Kiruthi Njiiri and Elias Kyalo are said to have committed the offence between January 1 2013 and December 30 2015.

They face another count of money laundering.

It is alleged that between January 1 2013 and December 30 2015 at Dubai Bank in Nairobi, jointly with others not before court engaged on a fraudulent cash transaction which led KQ to a lose a total of Sh521,933,870.

Out of the eight accused persons only Elijah Itegi and Jackson Kiruthi were arraigned in court this afternoon.However, they did not pleaded to the charges.

Elijah Itegi Githinji and Hassan Ahmed Haffidh face two other counts of stealing Sh16 million the property of the KQ.

They appeared before Nairobi senior principle magistrate Stella Mutuku.

They were released on a cash bail of 300,000 and a bond of 2 million.

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