Suspects In Iran Nationals Planned Escape To Spend 10 More Days In Jail

by Mahakamani News
Wesley Kiptanui Kipkemoi , Ghanian Shemgrant Agyei and lawyer Robin Bundi Nyangaresi  before court

Three suspects among them a Ghanaian arrested over the planned escape of two Iranians current in custody have been detained for 10 days to enable Directorate of Criminal Investigation complete investigations in the matters.

Milimani Principal Magistrate Peter Ooko granted the police request for more time to continue holding Wesley Kiptanui Kipkemoi, Shemgrant Agyei(Ghanian) saying that they are facing serious offences.

“In light of the nature of the serious offences facing the suspects which are being investigated bypolice i find that they require to be given 10 days to continue holding the two to complete the probe, “ordered Ooko.

At the same time Ooko released the third suspect lawyer Robin Bundi Nyangaresi on Sh 200,000 bond term or a cash bail of Sh 100,000. He was further ordered to be reporting to the investigating officer at ATPU headquarters on a day basis at 9 am pending the investigation.

The magistrate while releasing lawyer Bundi on bond said that he convince the he was extensively interrogated and find no merit to have him detained for the 30 days sought by the prosecution.

On Monday the DPP had sought to have the three suspects detained for a month for their actively involvement in a elaborate planning and execution of the escape of the two Iranians Ahmad Abolfathi Mohammed and Sayed Mansour Mousav.

Through senior state counsel Duncan Ondimu, prosecution informed the court investigations into the matter is on going and if they are relased they will interfere with the same.

Ondimu told court that the three suspects with the help of a senior Diplomat immunity at the Iranian Embassy were to unlawfully secure the release of two Iranians being detained at Kamiti Maximum Security Prison who were held pending an appeal decison of the Supreme Court.

“The DPP lodged an appeal to the Supreme Court. The petition lodged by the DPP was heard on December 11, 2018 before the Supreme Court. The appeal relates to two Iranian nationals Ahmad Abolofathi and Sayed Mansour who are currently in custody pending decision of the Supreme Court, ” said ondimu.

He said preliminary Investigations conducted and information so far received show that the three suspects met on diverse dates with a senior Diplomat immunity at the Iranian Embassy and the main purpose of discussion was on how to aid the escape of the two Iranian.

The court heard that DPP has on several occasions received intelligence in relation to planned escape of the two Iranian nationals.

Ondimu said the suspects together with a senior diplomat who name was withheld pending a confirmation form the Ministry of foreign affairs held several meetings in diverse places including shopping malls in westlands and hotels in Hurligarm and CBD and there is need to obtain CCTV footage of the areas.

“Some of the areas included premises covered under Diplomatic Immunity and there is need to seek assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” Said the prosecution.

“The three met on diverse dates with a senior diplomat at the Iranian embassy and the main purpose of the discussion was on how to aid the escape of the two individuals.”

Ondimu further informed the plan to facilitate the plot escape started in the months on May and June last year therefore the police more time to obtain call data records for the mobile numbers which were involved in the planning.

The court further heard that on February 10, in a bid to facilitate the planned escape of the two Iranians, a senior diplomat at the Iranian embassy booked a flight with Qatar Airways and there is need to obtain CCTV footage of the airline office.

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