Tea factory rejects agency lawyers to represent it in a suit against Peter Munya

by Mahakamani News

A tea factory in Murang’a has rejected the lawyers its agency, Kenya Tea and Development Agency (KTDA) chose to represent it in a suit where it was challenging Agriculture Secretary Peter Munya’s reforms on the tea sector.

As a formality, the agency had written to the factory, Gacharage Tea factory, seeking their approval for the legal services of a law firm called Ngatia and Associate to represent it in the suit. Gacharage tea factory then objected KTDA’s choice of lawyers saying that each time the law firm represented small scale tea factories, they lost a lot of money.

The law firm afforementioned was accused in the letter by Gacharage Tea Factory of charging the other factories they had been contracted to represent before exorbitantly. A case, for example, where the Ngatia and associate was contracted to challenge the barring of newly elected directors from assuming office cost farmers around Muranga Sh70 million.

Many members of the implementation team have also opposed the move by the agency to hire the law firm to challenge reforms by Agriculture Secretary Peter Munya while calling on the Director of Criminal Investigations to independently investigate what is behind exorbitant spending on lawyers in cases at the Kenya Tea Development Agency.

The reforms in question published on the timelines by the Agriculture and Food Authority (AFA) intend to have the Crops (Tea Industry) Regulations, 2020 fully implemented by February 2021.

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