Terror Suspects arrested in Likoni raid to remain in custody

by Mahakamani News
Items recovered from the dawn Likoni raid on Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Two suspected Al-Shabaab militants are set to remain in custody until conclusion of their case. The suspects, Mr Bakari Chimbonja and Mr Athuman Nyae were arrested on October 1, 2019 during a multi-agency security raid in Likoni.

The accused are charged with planning a massive terror attack at the coast region including an attack during the October 20, Mashujaa Day Celebrations.

Appearing before Senior Resident Magistrate Rittah Amwayi, the accused were denied bail on the basis that in addition to them being a threat to national safety,security and peace, they were also likely to flee, disrupt police investigations and intimidate witnesses.

In the bail assessment application, the magistrate took notice that the accused had killed 11 GSU officers. The officers succumbed after an Improvised Explosive Device went off as they were travelling along Degoh Road in Garissa County.

The magistrate further contended that the prosecution through State Counsel, Erick Masila, had established these facts as compelling enough to deny the accused persons bail pending trial. It was also revealed to the court that Mr. Chimbonja had been in the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit’s database, noting that he was a repeat offender.

The accused denied three terror-related charges that included harboring terrorists and being members of the al shabaab militant group.

The charge sheet read that the accused had offered accommodation to deceased militants -Swaleh Yusuf, Salama Salim and others- knowing that they had a mental intention to commit an act of terrorism. The accused were also charged with giving support for the commission of a terrorism act.

The case is scheduled for mention on December 17, 2019.

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