Thieves rob clothes and valuables from Makutano PAG Church

by Lawyer Wanz

Members of the Makutano PAG church in Lurambi, Kakamega, are counting their losses after a gang of robbers broke into their church and stole valuables and property of unknown value.

The church’s women leadership led by Mama Prisca Orembo said they got details of the break-in on Sunday morning.

We were informed that there had been an incident at the church and when we got there we confirmed that indeed, thieves had broken down the doors at the church and at the preacher’s residence,” Mama Prisca told the source.

According to sources, the sly thugs went on a spree, stealing various things including the preacher’s clothing, underwear, and food from the kitchen.

“Wezi hata wanaiba manguo za ndani za pastor wanaenda kuuza, hii ni nini? (They are even stealing the pastor’s underwear to sell, what is this?)”one congregant said on Sunday.

Wycliffe Sajida, the pastor-in-charge, who lives next door to the church, said he lost everything during the incident.

They took two suits, five shirts, two pairs of shoes, a gas cooker, altar table cloths and some Ksh. 2,500,” Pastor Wycliffe lamented on Sunday.

Faithful have now urged the local administration and police to take action to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Hii si mara ya kwanza, vijana wanafaa wafanye kazi kwa mikono yao sio kutekeleza wizi, (this is not the first time, the youth should look for other avenues to make money not crime)” Mama Prisca added.

Via Citizen Digital

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