Three Police Officers arrested in robbery of Ksh 6 million detained for five days

by Mahakamani News
CCTV footage of the crime scene

Three police officers and a Cameroonian are in custody for five more days to enable detectives to complete investigations.

The suspects were arrested by detectives in Pangani on October 5, 2019 after they allegedly robbed at gunpoint $60,000 from Mr. Mohammed Hassan Mohammed and Mr. Abdullahi Hussein Yusuf.

The incident reportedly took place at room 143 of Barwaka Lodge. The lodge is located along Eight Street, Second Avenue at Eastleigh in Nairobi County.

Some Ksh 3.5 million is said to have been recovered while the remaining loot is said to be in the hands of two other suspects who are still at large.

The suspects: Corporal Wilson Cheruiyot, Daniel Kipkorir, Alex Kandie and Esome Jean Baptiste were arraigned at Makadara Law Courts before Principal Magistrate Stephen Jalango on October 7, 2019.

The Investigation Officer, Isaac Kiplagat, requested for 10 days for further police investigations.

Going by a 6 hour recorded CCTV footage provided by the management, at 3pm one of the complainants, Mr Hassan, is seen making calls outside the crime scene where he was entering to book a room. At 9pm a melee ensued and a man was seen picking many notes from the corridor before disappearing.

A statement from the lodge manager stated that Mr Hassan- A suspected broker- booked a room 3pm on October 5, 2019. The man then informed the manager that he would bring in three men later.

Minutes later, a man in a brown jacket and a navy blue cap and another man in half jacket walked into the building in the company of a man in a black suit and spectacles.

These men were cleared at the reception and by 3:18pm they had entered the room. At around 8:24pm, a man with a red carrier is seen walking towards the main entrance of the lodge. Witnesses identified the man as Mr. Abdullahi Hasbaluoch, owner of an adjacent building. Mr Abdullahi is said to have delivered the money and left immediately.

After some time a well built light-skinned policeman in a black cap then entered the room in the company of the man in a half jacket and Mr. Hassan who had gone to clear him at the reception.

Mr Abdullahi then returned to the room at 8:55 pm and twelve minutes later a fracas ensued.

Intricacies of the fracas is that the door for the room flung open and the man in a brown jacket -identified as a police man- dashed out of the room leaving the jacket with someone who attempted to stop him. The other man in a half jacket -identified as a police man too- rushed downstairs after him.

The light-skinned one with a blue cap then pulled out a pistol and struggle to restrain the stolen money from Mr. Abdullahi. It is then that he shoved Mr. Abdullahi back into the room and collected notes strewn all over the door way.

Moment later, he walks downstairs as the Mr. Hassan is seen pursuit of him.

Outside the lodge opposite Shaikh Hamuood Mosque were the two other suspects at large inside a packed car. They pace around for a few minutes and at one point, the suspect tries to force Mr. Hassan into the car. However, he pulls back and they snatch his mobile phone as he rushes to safety.

After a distress call from the complainants, four out of the six suspects were arrested by Pangani station officers on patrol. It is then that the detectives realize that three were colleagues attached to Kayole Police Station in Nairobi.

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