Top Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney for Your Case

Choosing the right divorce attorney for your case may seem daunting.

If you’re considering hiring a divorce attorney for your case, it’s important to ask the right questions to ensure that you’re making an informed decision.

Top Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney for Your Case
Top Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney for Your Case. Source (Reddit)

Top Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney For Your Case

  1. Will I have to go to court? Many couples can divorce amicably, handling finances and child arrangements peacefully. Consider legal advice for understanding rights, drafting agreements. Your divorce attorney guides you on the best path for your family.
  2. I have been married for 6 months. Can I get a divorce? Not always. Sometimes you have to wait after 12 months to file for a divorce.
  3. Must I share asset details with my spouse if we maintained separate finances during marriage? Usually, yes. Divorce attorney and judge may need asset information for fair division.
  4. Is direct communication with my spouse required during the divorce? It’s your choice. Communication helps with kids; consider using apps or agreed email/contact book. A lawyer can handle communication if needed. Agree to limit discussions to children if divorce or financial discussions become heated.
  5. Is a 50% share of my spouse’s assets guaranteed? Not always. Your lawyer gathers information and explains court factors that can deviate from equal division.
  6. I’m unsure of my spouse’s income – how can you guide me on a fair settlement? In divorce, both parties must disclose finances fully and honestly, including income, debts, assets, and pensions. Failure may lead to penalties or court inferences. Agreeing without full disclosure may require a disclaimer acknowledging the risks.

  7. How will we determine the value of our assets? Spouses often agree on asset valuations; if not, they hire independent experts like property surveyors, forensic accountants, or actuaries for pensions.
  8. How frequently can I expect communication from my divorce attorney? It varies. Divorce attorneys typically keep you updated regularly.
  9. What’s the expected duration of the proceedings? Duration varies based on factors like your and your spouse’s response speed, attorney efficiency, court workload, and case complexity. Your divorce attorney can provide a more accurate estimate with case details.
  10. What’s the anticipated cost? Cost varies based on case complexity, duration, and attorney’s rate, which can differ with experience. Some firms provide legal aid. Your lawyer offers cost estimates and should update you regularly.

These are just some of the questions you may want to ask a divorce attorney about your case. Remember the importance of choosing an experienced, knowledgeable attorney with whom you feel comfortable working.