Two Armed Thugs Shot Dead After Attacking a Woman

by Lawyer Wanz
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Armed robbers who accosted a woman and grabbed her valuables were fatally shot by police officers. The woman had just been dropped by the taxi when the two attacked her.

The two thugs are said to have roughed up the woman along Muhohi road in Lang’ata and stole from her a phone and other valuables before attempting to escape.

A scream from the woman was enough to seal their fate as police officers on patrol swung into action and gave them a case.

According to DCI, one of the two robbers, as they were on their heels towards Nairobi West, begun firing at the officers after realizing that they had been cornered.

The unwise move prompted a swift response from the officers who deployed their unmatched skills and gunned down the two about three kilometers from the first scene of the crime.

A Blow P99A loaded pistol, with 5 rounds of 5.56 mm calibre, was recovered from the criminals.

Bodies of the two thugs were taken to City Mortuary pending investigations.

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