by Mahakamani News

Two top employees of Britam Insurance Company have been charged with conspiracy to defraud the company 23.5 million shillings.

Elsie Wanjiku Njanji and Isabella Wanjiku Gitonga are accused on diverse dates between 9th of September 2016 and 23rd January this year with others not before court conspired to defraud Britam Genral Insurance Company Limited 23,571,954,11 million by means of electronic data manipulation in the system.

It is alleged that they made a false entries to an account namely Britam General Insurance Company Limited disbursement account belonging to Britam purporting to show it as new disbursement claims payable to Britam accounts.

The accused are also accused on the same date at Britam Insurance offices along Mara Road upperhill in Nairobi, being a employees to Britam Insurance Company defrauded 23,571,954,11 million by making false bank account eateries.

Isabela is accused on accused on diverse dates between 9th of September 2016 and 23rd January this year at Cooperative Bank Nakuru Branch stole 23,571,954,11 million the property of Britam General Insurance Company Limited.

She is also accused of handling stolen property and fraudulent false accounting.

They pleaded not guilty to all seven counts before Nairobi Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi.

They were released on a cash bail of 1 million shillings and bond of 2 million shillings each pending hearing and determination of the criminal case.

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