Two Indian Artists Arraigned In Court For Failing To Pay Air Tickets

by Mahakamani News
Venkat Raghavan and Venkat  Raghavan before court

Two Indian musicians have been arraigned and charged before a Nairobi Court for failure to pay for credit they incurred two and half years ago.

The two brothers Kollengode Lakshminaagan and Kollengode Venkat  Raghavan are accused on diverse date between 11 April and June 10 2016 in Nairobi Central Business District incurred a credit obtained from Satguru Travels and Tours Services Limited air tickets worth USD 6,400,00 equivalent to Ksh 640,000 by falsely pretending that they were in the position to pay for the tickets immediately.

Brothers Kollengode Lakshminaagan and kollengonde vankat Raghavan appeared before Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi where they denied the charges against them.

The two Kollengode brothers appeared before Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi where they denied the charges and were released on a cash bail of 200,000 and board of 300,000 or stay in remand pending hearing and determination of the criminal case.

It is alleged that the two issued bouncing Cheque for the alleged monies two and half years ago after which they went underground.

According to the complainant who were in court today , on 24 March 2016 Mani productions wrote an email to the travel company requesting to be provided with quotations with nine economy class and one business class air tickets.

The accused are also alleged to have confirmed the receipt of the quotation but requested change of flight from morning to evening which promoted penalties to USD 10320.

The complaints company is said to have later issued the air tickets to the accused persons and they promised to pay which they failed to pay after making several demands.

The two are accused of failing to pay for the tickets even after a while of pushing and requesting for the payments

The matter will be heard next month.

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