Two suspects arrested over ksh. 42 million Moyale Airstrip heist detained for 10 more days

by Mahakamani News
Roba Diba Bou (right) and Langat Kipng’etich Nelson

A Nairobi court has detained two accused persons for a 10 day period in order facilitate further police investigations into their alleged involvement in the theft of Ksh. 42 million at the Moyale Airstrip. According to the investigators there were reasons compelling enough to keep the suspects in custody.

The two suspects Roba Diba Bou and Langat Kipng’etich Nelson were arrested and arraigned in court for being in charge of standard procedure details on the material day where immediately upon arrival at an airstrip in Moyale town, money was stolen by three armed men who got away using motorbikes.

The facts of the case are that Roba Diba Bou, the branch operations manager at Equity Bank in Moyale was on duty at the material day and is said to have been informed about the arrival of the money whereas the co-accused Langat Kipng’etich Nelson, a cash counting officer at Wells Fargo, is said to have been assigned to escort the money.

As per the investigations from the police, Senior Prinicpal Magistrate Bernard Ochoi was informed that both accused persons are said to have been aware of the regulations and security standards to be observed and should have directed the pilot not to land at ODDA airstrip at the particular time since no proper security had been put in place.

The court also heard that the accused had been arrested by DCI Moyale and released only to be rearrested by the Crimes Prevention Unit and escorted to Nairobi. This was after discovery of fresh implicating evidence that indicated the two accused were linked to the disappearance of the money. For this reasons the investigators felt that the accused were not only capable of interfering with investigations but also intimidating witnesses.

In his ruling, the magistrate agreed to the police demands but reduced the custodial holding of the suspects in remand from 21 to 10 days. He added that it was within the police mandate as vested by the constitution to carry out investigations and decide what to do afterwards, thus the court was obliged to let the police carry on investigating.

The matter is set for mention on 2nd October.

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