Update: Aisha Jumwa murder case continues today, four witnesses lined up

by Wakili Liam
Aisha Jumwa, Malindi Constituency Member of Parliament – MP

Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa’s murder case continues today with four witnesses lined up. The case commenced on Monday.

Jumwa and his bodyguard Geoffrey Otieno have been charged with the alleged killing of an ODM supporter Jola Ngumbao during the Ganda Ward by-elections in 2019. 

One of the five witnesses Alfred Kahindi told Judge Anne Onginjo that on the fateful day, Jumwa Reuben Katana’s home where a meeting was taking place and accused police officers of not executing her orders to bar the meeting.

He said Jumwa then threatened to execute the order herself, ordering her supporters to burn down the host’s house. 

During cross examination by the defence counsel, Katana stated that Jumwa had come there to kill the deceased’s brother. 

The matter has been adjourned for Tuesday with four more witnesses lined up.

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