What are The Legal Rights of Adults Living with Parents?

Are you an adult living with your parent? In this article, I provide an expert take on the legal rights of adults who are living with their parents.

What are the legal rights of adults living with parents?

Statistics reveal that nearly half of all young adults are currently living with their parents.

Currently, the number of adults living with their parents has peaked at the percentages that were last witnessed during the great depression.

Therefore, young adults must know how to navigate this crisis.

Why are young adults still living with their parents?

The increase in the number of young adults living with their parents has been caused by the pandemic lockdowns, decades-high inflation, soaring student debt levels, and a shaky job market.

Consequently, young adults will constantly find themselves in arguments and conflicts with their parents.

These conflicts will usually revolve around several issues such as who is supposed to pay for a certain bill or what is the acceptable sleeping and waking up time.

To help solve this issue:

Here are six legal rights of adults living with their parents.

An infographic of what are the legal rights of adults living with parents
An infographic of six rights that you have as an adult still living with your parents

1. The Right To Have Their Own Opinion On Family Matters

Adults still living with their parents have the right to openly express their thoughts and opinions on family matters.

The right to expression is universal and should not be limited by anyone.

Therefore, adults and parents need to learn how to compromise, respect, and understand each other’s opinions through finding mutually agreeable solutions to any issues that may arise.

A picture of two adults arguing
As adults, sometimes arguments are inevitable.

2. The Right To Work and Have Financial Independence

Adults living with their parents have the legal right to pursue financial independence.

A parent should not deny their adult child a chance to make a living through any means of legal gainful employment unless it jeopardizes the health of the adult.

In addition, adults have a right to manage their finances hence they should not be compelled to inherit any parental financial obligations.

On the other hand, parents can also compel and force adults living with them to work. They can achieve this by helping the adults to look for gainful employment.

3. The Right To Privacy

Adults who live with their parents are entitled to privacy.

Consequently, they have the right to keep their personal information confidential.

Parents should not force private information out of their adult children as everyone deserves the right to keep their information to themselves.

4. The Right To Enter And Leave The Household Without Permission

Adults living with their parents have a right to enter and leave the household without prior notice or permission from anyone.

Of course, this right may bring confrontation, but it is what it is.

Parents who try to regulate this right by imposing curfews end up creating unnecessary conflicts.

To foster a harmonious living environment, adults living with their parents should collaboratively find solutions that work for everyone, respecting each other’s needs and preferences.

An image of parents upset with their adult living with them
Sometimes parents or legal guardians get upset with adults for violating curfew

5. The Right To Decision-Autonomy Without Parental Supervision

As per the First Amendment, everyone has the right to speech, assembly, and religion.

Therefore, adults living with their parents have the freedom to choose who they assemble and interact with. They also have a right to personal beliefs and religion and cannot be forced to abandon their beliefs or religious practices by their parent.s

Pursuantly, they can form their own friends, engage in social activities without parental supervision, or choose how and with whom they spend their time

Thus, it is illegal for a parent to restrict an adult’s freedom to make friends or take part in activities outside the home.

6. The Right to Make Medical Decisions

Adults living with parents have the right to make their own medical decisions.

Therefore, they can choose their healthcare providers, consent to or refuse medical treatments, and unauthorized access to medical records.

Parents should never make medical decisions on behalf of their adult children without their prior informed consent unless a doctor has diagnosed them as legally incapacitated.


Although as an adult one can assert these legal rights, it is important to note that the house they are living in belongs to their parents.

Consequently, the parent can choose to kick them out of the house and no consequences can thereafter occur.

The adult needs to understand that the parent holds the legal titles over the property and therefore mutual respect should ensue.

Divergently, a parent should also ensure that they respect the autonomy of the adult child.