What do you need to know before purchasing car insurance?

by Wakili Liam
Cars in a showroom

As many people get to own cars, it is important to understand the insurance part of it. Insuring your car makes it easy for you in case of an accident.

Below is a list of important information that are important prior to finalizing a car insurance cover.

How do you claim in case of an insured incident?

Even though we are required by law to have at least a third party motor insurance cover, more often than not we have no idea of the process of claiming in case of an insured incident. Before you can finalize on a car insurance it’s important familiarize yourself with this. Save your insurance company’s claim contacts to you mobile phone to save you the frustration of looking for them in case of accident. Get to know the relevant documents you need to start the claim process. Usually for a car insurance claim, you will need to a police abstract and a copy of your driving license.

How much is the excess amount?

While an insurance company will pay all the valid claims in case of a car accident, you will need to cater for apart of the repair cost in a car accident. The amount you will need to settle is the excess amount. This raises the question; ‘’ then why do you need a car insurance?” Well, don’t feel misguided, the excess amount serves to instill some mindfulness to the owner of the car, knowing they bare a bit of the responsibility.  Usually the excess amount is 2.5% of the total value of the car or a set minimum amount, whichever is higher. You can choose to opt of this by paying an excess protector, an additional benefit that can be added to your cover to avoid further misery after an accident. It’s always important to consider this before you can buy a car insurance.

What are the additional benefits?

Additional features are there to provide you with a personalization option. Additional coverage like excess protector or windshield cover is under this feature. Usually it’s included at a minimal cost. Do not forget to inquire about this; it may just be exactly what you need.

Do they have a payment plan?

The premiums may seem exorbitant as a lump sum amount. However, you do not have to worry about it. Most insurance companies have flexible payment plans that will suit your cash flow just right. Ask about the different installment plans and pick one that would best fit your need.

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