What is a Legal Document Preparer: Key Insights

Many business owners need a lot of help when it comes to preparing legal documents as document management is a common challenge for them.

A legal document preparer is a non-lawyer who is authorized to assist with the preparation of legal documents for people who do not have lawyers such as small business people.

What is a Legal Documents Preparer
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Who can prepare legal documents?

A Certified Legal Document Preparer (CLDP) has state government credentials for legal document preparation, obtained through a strict process involving background checks, exams, and legal education/experience.

CLDPs often have more autonomy compared to paralegals, as they can independently prepare legal documents without attorney supervision.

What Types of Businesses Use Legal Document Preparers?

Online legal document preparation services are valuable for any organization that frequently deals with the creation and processing of legally binding documents.

This is especially true for businesses in legal, financial, and real estate sectors where the volume of contract agreements and bureaucratic procedures is substantial.

What Types of Documents Can Be Prepared?

Legal document preparers have the capacity to manage an extensive variety of documents such as complex family law documents.

These services are also in high demand for tasks related to estate planning, property transfer, and the smooth execution of numerous business transactions.

Why Use Legal Document Preparation Services Instead of a Lawyer?

The primary advantage of opting for a legal document preparer over an attorney is cost-effectiveness.

In simple terms, hiring a CLDP is significantly more affordable than retaining a lawyer.

Therefore, you can accumulate substantial savings over time by utilizing a cost-effective legal document preparation service.

While an attorney may be necessary for exceptionally complex documents, the majority of contract agreements and transactions involve straightforward paperwork.

This makes the use of a preparer particularly appealing to businesses dealing with routine legal matters, such as name changes.

In fact, the most intricate aspect of these issues often lies in the intimidating nature of the documents themselves.

This holds true for various processes, including divorce filings, will authentication, and employment contract establishment, among others.