What Type Of Lawyer Is Harvey Specter? Everything You Should Know

Harvey Specter, portrayed by Gabriel Macht in “Suits,” is a fictional character. He’s a senior partner at the law firm Pearson Hardman.

In the early seasons, he recruits Mike Ross as his associate. People love Harvey for his charm, charisma, humor, and style. In this guide, we’ll explore what kind of lawyer Harvey Specter is.

Despite being a hothead at times, Harvey always gets the job done. He excels at outsmarting competitors and winning high-profile cases.

Even as one of New York’s best lawyers, Harvey has a soft spot for his ailing father.

What type of lawyer is Harvey Specter
Specter, a corporate lawyer at Pearson Hardman, practices business law and directly assists senior partner Louis Litt in handling general legal matters: Photo source (Reddit)

Harvey Specter’s Background

Harvey embarked on his professional journey as a street lawyer, advocating for clients in court battles.

Following several years in this role, he transitioned into specializing as a divorce lawyer, exclusively representing one spouse in divorce proceedings.

His career trajectory led him to join Pearson Hardman, a prestigious firm known for handling high-profile cases with influential clients.

Over time, Harvey ascended the ranks, eventually securing opportunities to work with significant clients.

Currently, he holds a partnership position alongside Jessica Pearson, a name partner at the firm. Together, they are recognized as the formidable “Awesome” duo.

Is Harvey Specter A Real Person?

Harvey Specter, a fictional character, does not exist in reality but is rather portrayed in the highly acclaimed television series, Suits, where he serves as the managing partner at Pearson Hardman.

Jessica Pearson, a senior partner, reports directly to him. Within the series, Harvey is depicted as an exemplary figure, demonstrating exceptional managerial skills highlighted by his extraordinary motivation and coaching abilities.

Beyond his role as a manager, Harvey also serves as an excellent mentor, particularly to Mike, an associate under his guidance.

Harvey’s flawless relationships with colleagues highlight his notable kindness.

What Form of Law Does Harvey Specter Practice?

Specializing in corporate law, Harvey Specter is a legal professional who also engages in general law, operating under the guidance of senior partner and lead attorney, Louis Litt.

His narrative unfolds within the context of real-world legal practice, focusing on the dynamics of a fictional law firm named Pearson Hardman.

What Does Harvey Specter Look Like?

Harvey stands tall, showcasing a sturdy and attractive physique. His consistently well-groomed appearance complements his charismatic demeanor.

Harvey, with brown hair and captivating piercing blue eyes, perpetually wears a meticulously tailored navy blue suit paired with a silk tie, even during critical court appearances.

A London-based tailor custom-fits each of his claims, ensuring they flawlessly fit his impeccably maintained figure.

Harvey Specter Is A Business Lawyer

Harvey consistently triumphs in legal battles, thanks to his remarkable negotiation prowess and thorough case preparation.

He adeptly navigates negotiations to achieve favorable results for both his clients and himself, demonstrating his ability to secure wins even in less advantageous positions.

Specter’s negotiation strategy often involves orchestrating one-sided deals to attain his desired objectives.

For instance, in a particular case, he opts to drop a client’s lawsuit in exchange for a substantial $1.7 million settlement from the opposing party.

In another scenario, he chooses to proceed with a deal he personally dislikes but deems advantageous without disclosing his sentiments to the client.

Why Is Harvey Specter A Great Lawyer?

What type of lawyer is Harvey Specter
Image source (Reddit)

Harvey excels as a lawyer due to his forward-thinking approach, valuing “How” over “What.” If you haven’t seen the show, Harvey Specter is the standout character – intelligent, wealthy, and always scheming.

The series begins with Harvey as a successful lawyer in a prominent firm, winning every case.

Working with money-focused Daniel Hardman, Harvey loses a major case and is fired by boss Louis Litt.

Angry and upset, Harvey drinks excessively, trashes his apartment, and wakes up jobless, friendless, and broke.

Desperate, he attends a meeting in an unlikely place, where he encounters Mike Ross.

Harvey Specter Is a Big Law Lawyer

Harvey Specter, an influential attorney known for his commanding presence, shoulders significant responsibilities that shape his managerial approach.

Operating with a no-nonsense demeanor, he demands excellence from his team, displaying a leadership style that mirrors the weight of his professional obligations.

Harvey is adept at achieving objectives and doesn’t shy away from directing individuals towards success or making tough decisions, such as terminating those who fail to meet his high standards.

Although he may not prioritize pleasantries, Harvey values outcomes and ensures equitable treatment for those who deliver results.

Those who meet or exceed his expectations experience favorable treatment, while those who fall short receive careful attention to help them rise to the challenge.

Harvey Specter Is a Sueball Lawyer

Harvey Specter, a litigation expert, assumes the position of your legal advocate in the courtroom. Furthermore, as an exceptional lawyer, he not only takes on this role but also possesses the skills necessary to safeguard your interests as a client.

Moreover, Harvey is specifically tasked with influencing the jury’s perception, showcasing his expertise in handling cases involving large law corporations.

Additionally, he is supported by a dedicated team. Outside the courtroom, Harvey resides in a spacious residence with his delightful wife and daughter.

Where does Harvey Specter get his best cases from?

Harvey leads a major corporate law firm in NYC. The firm is one of the largest and boasts an impeccable success record in every case.

Harvey is a renowned negotiator, excelling in persuading juries.

As a stern and exacting leader, Harvey has built his reputation by consistently sealing deals and achieving favorable outcomes.

His success is evident in referrals from esteemed law firms, satisfied clients, and extensive business networks.

Different ways that Harvey Specter uses the law to his advantage:

Harvey uses the law to his advantage by knowing it inside out and having a healthy understanding of the legal system. He has an intimate knowledge of rules and precedents, and he can use his ability to guide him through a case.

Harvey has a brilliant mind and can think on his feet.

This is what lets him be one step ahead of anyone else. He also uses tactics such as creating loopholes and using the law to his advantage to win a case. Harvey notices the smallest of details and uses them to his advantage. He is highly observant and perceptive.

How is Harvey Specter a complex Character?

Harvey’s cool, calm and collected attitude is one of his most outstanding personality traits. He is a man of action who has no doubts about what he wants and is doing. Harvey has also mastered his emotions and is rarely perturbed.

He has an unwavering sense of purpose, justice, and confidence in himself. He is a man of great personal discipline who always controls his feelings. All these qualities make him a complex character that is also highly driven and goal-oriented.

He is also intelligent and, despite his carefree attitude, is not just successful but also a pretty hard worker. His well-honed social skills make him a valuable asset to any organization.

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A Discussion of Harvey Specter’s Personality

What type of lawyer is Harvey Specter
Image source (Reddit)

Despite being one of the most desirable characters on Suits, Harvey Specter is characterized by his pride.

His personality is a critical aspect, evident in various characters on the show.

For instance, his extreme competitiveness is a defining trait. Harvey consistently strives for success, aiming to prove his superiority over others and always aspiring to reach the top.

However, this ambition comes with a challenge – he finds it difficult to trust others.

His pride shapes his self-respect and respect for those who share similar qualities, establishing him as a positive role model for both viewers and other characters in the show.

Frequently Inquired About Matters

  1. Where did Harvey work before?
    • A small, gritty law firm (Similar to “The Good Wife” or “Boston Legal”).
    • A massive corporate law firm (Think “Suits”).
  2. Who holds the title of the best lawyer in “Suits”?
    • Harvey Specter
    • Jessica Pearson
    • Donna Paulsen
    • Rachel Zane
    • Louis Litt
    • Mike Ross
    • Daniel Hardman
  3. Can you describe Harvey Specter’s character?
    • A smooth talker.
    • Smart and confident.
    • A genius.
    • Determined to win every case.
  4. What is the preferred element of “Suits”?
    • Harvey Specter
    • The relationships among the characters
    • The twists and turns
    • The cases featured in the show


Harvey Specter, portrayed by Gabriel Macht, is a fictional character in the widely acclaimed TV series “Suits.” Beyond being an ordinary lawyer, he holds the distinguished position of a partner at the prestigious Pearson Hardman firm.

In his role as a Senior Partner, Harvey takes on the responsibility of recruiting new lawyers, solidifying his significance in the legal realm.