When Is It Too Late To Get A Car Accident Lawyer

Don’t wait too long to hire a car accident lawyer.

It becomes too late to get a car accident lawyer especially after accepting a settlement and signing a liability waiver, making it challenging for you and your attorney to work on your claim or case.

It’s best to start looking for a lawyer soon after the accident, as filing for a settlement can be a lengthy process.

When Is It Too Late To Get A Car Accident Lawyer
When Is It Too Late To Get A Car Accident Lawyer. Source (Forbes)

What problems could I face if I take too long to get a lawyer?

Commencing the process at the eleventh hour can result in several problems for both you and your car accident lawyer, including:

Losing Evidence

Insufficient evidence may hinder your ability to support your claims, especially as some information could be lost over time, like dashcam footage from other drivers at the scene.

In Indiana, under the comparative fault rule, this could lead to higher liability on your part, reducing your recoverable damages. Strong evidence can help challenge claims of shared fault.

Missing Expense Records

You might have already misplaced records of accident-related expenses such as transportation costs and auto repair bills.

This could make it difficult for your lawyer to provide an accurate estimate of your total damages, potentially resulting in an inadequate settlement.

Not Enough Time to Finish

Unexpected personal issues could disrupt the case’s progress, potentially leading to missed deadlines and the permanent loss of your ability to recover damages through a lawsuit.

When should I call a car accident lawyer?

Getting in touch with an accident lawyer right after the incident can be beneficial.

They can assist you with your insurance claim or accident case promptly. In fact, you can contact them even at the crash scene.

A lawyer can guide you on post-accident responsibilities, help prevent unintentional legal violations, and advise you on essential steps like taking photos for evidence.

A lawyer can be of assistance at any stage of your car accident claim or lawsuit, whether:

  • You’ve just had an accident.
  • You’re starting to file an insurance claim.
  • An adjuster has offered a low settlement.
  • The other party threatens a lawsuit.
  • You’re considering filing a lawsuit.