Witness In Nakuru Town West MP Arama’s Case Denies Owning Land In Nakuru

by Mahakamani News
Mr Yusuf Mustafah Ratemo

A businessman who is alleged to have sold a piece of land to Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama on Tuesday denied ever owning the plot.

Mr Yusuf Mustafah Ratemo said he left Nakuru in 2008 following the post-election violence but never owned any property in the town.

The businessman, who now lives in Kajiado, said he did not know how his name and details were used in the documents which were used in the sale of the property. He further said he did not recall appearing before a lawyer, Kennedy Onkoba, for the sale transaction.

Mr Arama and Mr Onkoba have denied seven counts of conspiracy to defraud. They are said to have committed the offences between August 3, 2015 and August 11, 2015. The prosecution said the two conspired to defraud Ahmed Muhammad Nisar of his plot in Nakuru town.

Yesterday, Mr Ratemo denied selling the plot to Mr Arama for Sh60 million although the documents used in the transaction purportedly belong to him. He said while in Nakuru, he used to frequent a pub allegedly owned by the MP and they became friends. He also said he knows Mr Onkoba but he does not remember appearing before him.

Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama

But the MP through his lawyer Danstan Omari said the witness was lying because he claimed not to have owned a property in Nakuru but during cross-examination, he said he owned a property there but did not remember whom he sold it to.

Mr Arama is also accused of making an illegal sale agreement and uttering a land sale agreement to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission investigators purporting to have been signed by Mr Ratemo.

It is further alleged that on August 7, 2015, Mr Arama visited the Ministry of Lands in Nakuru Town and procured the issuance of certificate of lease and registration of transfer of the plot.

Both are out on Sh1 million cash bail.

The hearing continues.

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