Woman in Court for selling Bhang to Students

by Lawyer Wanz
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An 88-year-old woman is set to appear in court on Monday, August 18 after being discovered with bhang rolls at her home in Nyagara village, Ugunja, Siaya County.

Teresia Anyango, a lady, was discovered in possession of 15 rolls of bhang, according to a report. It further revealed that the woman who was described as notorious was selling the bhang to school-going students.

Police officers were tipped of Anyango’s activities by members of the public who had even threatened to end her life if action will not be taken.

This prompted the area police boss to form a multi-agency team who raided the home of the suspect and found her with the prohibited drugs.


“A multi-agency team from Ugunya Sub County proceeded to her home that is located in Nyagara village in Ngunya Sublocation conducted a search and found her in possession of 15 rolls of Cannabis sativa (Bhang),” the report read in part.

Police officers then frog-marched her to Ugunja Police Station where she was questioned but later released on a free bond.

Anyango is expected to be arraigned at the Ukwala Law Courts.

According to locals, the suspect had been severally been warned by locals to stop engaging in the business but she never listened to their advice.

Instead, she improvised new tricks to ensure that the drugs reach her targeted customers who are students at a local school.

Abraham Otieno, a local said that at some point village elders took issues with her and warned her but she ignored them.

She had been warned severally not to engage in the business because the selling of bhang is prohibited in the country and her customers are minors. However, she never listened and this prompted the locals to alert the police,” Otieno said.

Last month, Police in Kisumu are holding a Form Three student who was caught peddling bhang to fellow students at Rapogi Mixed Secondary School in Kombewa, Seme Sub-county.

Teachers from the school notified authorities that the boy had been seen selling bhang sticks to fellow students.

West Seme location chief Nicholas Oguma said they immediately responded and found the student with 11 sticks of bhang.

He says the boy was interrogated and revealed a home where he had got the drugs from.

Chief Oguma led an operation to the home and caught a woman with over 700 rolls of bhang and also 14 liters of changaa and kangaraa used to make the illicit brew.

The woman and the student were taken into custody pending arraignment.

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