Woman Raped by Fake cops in Kahawa West

by Lawyer Wanz

Police are investigating an incident in which a 27-year-old woman was attacked and raped by three men who had posed as police officers.

The incident happened on a dark path from Kiwanja area towards Kahawa West on Monday, December 12, at night. The woman told police she was in the company of her boyfriend and were walking home when they were confronted by three men.

The two had bought food at a local shopping center and were walking home when they were confronted by the men who claimed they were police officers.

girl man woman

The victims said the men ordered them not to try to run away. They ordered the two to lie down in open ground when the three started to gang rape the woman as the boyfriend watched helplessly.

The men were armed with knives.

The gang later escaped after their ordeal, leaving the two at the scene. The woman was taken to a hospital in Juja where she was attended to and discharged.

A team of detectives has been assigned to hunt down the gang. Kiambu police boss Perminus Kioi said they are yet to know the motive of the attack.

He said the officers are investigating the motive with an intention of getting the rapists.

Cases rape have been on the rise in the country.

For instance, rape cases increased to 973 in 2020 compared to 950 reported in 2019, 921 in 2018, 784 in 2017 and 923 in 2016. Defilement cases increased to 6,801 in 2020 from 5,397 in 2019, 4,767 in 2018, 3,487 in 2017 and 4,512 in 2016.

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