Woman to face 4-month probation sentence for verbal assault

by Lawyer Wanz
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After pleading guilty to charges of causing a disturbance in a way likely to provoke a breach of peace, a woman who shouted obscenities at a colleague she suspected of being a serial husband snatcher will serve a four-month probation term.

Mourine Adisa, 30, a Shofco social worker in Kibera, was sentenced by senior resident magistrate Renee Kitangwa after admitting the facts of the case and claiming that the complainant had also insulted her.

Andisa is said to have called the complainant a witch, a prostitute, a husband snatcher, and accused her of spreading HIV by sleeping with other people’s husbands.


The woman committed the offence in the Highrise area within Langata Sub County on October 11. The court heard that Andisa had stopped the complainant on her way to a shop and confronted her for stealing her husband.

The woman hurled insults at her threatening to make her life miserable if she did not stop sleeping with people’s husbands. Andisa had grabbed the complainant with the intent of assaulting her but members of the public intervened and separated the duo.

Andisa had made similar insults to the complainant on September 26.

In other news, Footage showing the moment an estranged wife and her husband’s mistress got into an argument in the Isheri DPO’s office has been made public.

Katherine Daramola, 57, a US-based lawyer, had accused her estranged husband Adetokunbo Daramola of abandoning her and their 4 children in the United States and returning to Nigeria where he got his mistress to start living with him in her house.

Katherine further accused her husband, a businessman who executes contracts for the Lagos Inland Revenue Service (LIRS), and his mistress of conniving to illegally acquire their jointly-owned property in Lagos.

The property in question is a twin duplex at Magodo, in Lagos.

In 2010, Mr Daramola partly relocated to Nigeria where he began executing contracts for the Lagos Inland Revenue Service (LIRS) and some local government areas in the state, Mrs Daramola told Premium Times in an interview.

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